Self Storage Business And Marketing Tips

Are you worried of thinking how to increase the occupancy at your storage facility? Are you reading and collecting techniques to improve your business? Here are some solutions if you are searching for tips to increase your market.

1. Attracting the customers

2. Reducing the expenses

3. Selling the services

1. Attracting the Customers: The best way to increase any business is by getting the public attention. Many knew this approach is not as simple as told. Marketing has many techniques to attract customers but the ultimate goal is to motivate your customers and to satisfy them with your services. Empty space at your unit means your possible income is not being earned for that space. Make sure that there is always something special your facility provides to the customers. Also, customers should know about it. Attracting the customers not only means to increase the new customer walk-ins to your unit, but also to make your existing customers to stay with you. Advertisements, discounts, service offers etc are some of the means to grab attention of the public.

2. Reducing the expenses: Another easier way to increase your income without any additional investments is by reducing your expenses. Understand your business and think the areas where you can reduce the investment. Concentrate on marketing areas. If you are still using the conventional advertisements using printing, try changing it to modern means by advertising through televisions, websites etc. Make sure your website gets displayed in first Google results. Though this requires some investment, a creative marketing team specialized in this area can save you.

Another area to cut your expenses is bills. Estimate your bills and check where you can really do a cost-saving. Replace your conventional lightening with LED lights. Use VOIP phones instead of the standard ones. Use laser printers in place of ink-jet printers. Make sure you are not overpaying the taxes.

3. Selling the services: This sounds strange, but really works. The important strategy in the business is to make money in all the possible means. Prepare a matrix, and list out all the services which your company is offering for free. Try to provide the services with minimum rates for free (of course this formula may not be applicable to all the areas). Concentrate on the areas where the customers really feel difficult to manage their tasks. These include packaging, travel and loading into the storage unit. Instead of offering more discounts and free services use different schemes to grab the public attention.

Schemes like ‘pay for the fuel’ and ‘move the goods to your storage’ really attract the customers. Providing rental trucks to the customers is another option. Make sure to educate your customers about all your offers and schemes. Safe box deposit is another area where you can introduce in your facility. Some storage units charge an extra amount for offering 24- hour accessing and package acceptance. Selling locks, packing supplies like boxes, tapes will add up to your sales.

Top Home Based Businesses and Marketing Secrets That Can Make You More Money

Leads Lists

As anyone in network marketing already knows, keeping a hot and up to date leads list is by far the most difficult task regarding home based businesses. In order to earn money fast enough to support yourself and your business, there are a few marketing secrets I’ll share with you here.

Top Tier Approach

More and more people are turning to the Top Tier approach to network marketing. By funneling resources into getting new customers as opposed to new reps, your money and time are freed up to focus more on the actual marketing. These types of home based businesses can greatly improve your financial success.

5 Ways to Finding New Customers

1. Direct mailing campaigns are regaining popularity. Although it can be somewhat costly, purchasing a targeted mailing list of your desired demographic can be a fantastic way to uncover new leads. Keep in mind the costs include the mailing list, the printing of the mailer, and the actual postage.

2. Advertising in local newspapers and magazines is a tried and true method. Be prepared to run your ad for awhile before getting any responses. Spend your money wisely but avoid the free papers which rarely bring any new business and can leave you feeling frustrated. If you are really cash-strapped, consider a classified ad instead.

3. Locate a trusted vender and purchase a leads list from them. Anyone in your upline has probably already done so and can give you the names of reputable venders. A little more expensive than generating your own list, this is a great way for a beginner to get a much-needed boost.

4. Online advertising can be an excellent way to market your business or services. Banner ads can be purchased from online magazines that are related to your niche. Search engines offer pay per click advertising programs that you can also use to target your potential leads.

5. There are tons of online directories each dealing with a specific niche market. Do a little digging and find ones to submit your site with. This can help you find direct leads and it also creates some good backlinks.


The key to any success is balance. Before taking on any home based businesses marketing methods, figure out what your overall advertising budget is and balance that against the most effective methods. Balance your money, time and results to optimize your efforts.

Using The RIPPLE Effect As A Business And Marketing Strategy

Do you ever think about the ripple effect of your actions or the actions of your business?

In the image of the ripple effect, you have a pebble or a small stone, and that pebble is falling into this big source of water – maybe it’s a pond, or a lake, or maybe an ocean. Regardless of how big that water source is, the point is that there are always ripples. Those ripples keep moving outward and expanding outward, pushing other ripples into a course because of the action of one small pebble or maybe even one small drop of water.

So there you are, a business owner, a pebble, a drop of water falling into a bigger source of water. You’re setting an example for your staff, you’re doing something good for someone, or you’re guiding or coaching someone through something – whatever it is you’re doing, it’s starting the ripple.

Do you like the ripple that you’ve started? Is it creating the effect you want to have on people? Are you aware of the ripple you’re causing?

As a business owner, doesn’t it just make your day to hear someone tell you how you’ve helped them make a decision, or you’ve had an amazing effect on them in some way?

Maybe you’re not saving the world, or even saving lives, maybe you really don’t think about what you do as being so significant that it actually inspires people, but what you may not realize is just how much of an effect you have on someone.

That’s the ripple effect, right?

So what’s the RIPPLE Effect? The RIPPLE Effect is an acronym that will help you remember just the kind of inspirational person you are. It will remind you of the steps to being the person and the business you want to be.

RIPPLE stands for “Repetition In Place Produces Little Effects Somewhere.”

It doesn’t matter what you do. It doesn’t matter if you’re saving lives, curing cancer, selling courses to help others, speaking at events, or just opening a door for someone else. When you do something, and you do it over and over again, consistently, people begin looking to you as the start of a ripple. They are informed, and influenced, maybe they spread kindness because of you, maybe they have a clearer view of what they need to do because of you. Maybe you’ve saved their life, or their business, and you don’t even know it.

Be the RIPPLE Effect you want to be. Make your day by making someone else’s, no matter how big or small the gesture may seem.